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花。自慢清酒 Sake

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Rice polishing: 70%
Alcohol: 13.5 degrees
Capacity: 0.5 liters

In 2020, Taoyuan Distillery of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Company launched Taiwan’s first flower yeast ginjo sake Yamazakura in limited quantities. In order to make it easier for friends to buy flower yeast sake, Taoyuan Distillery has continued to develop a new generation of sake with mountain cherry yeast. After more than a year, it finally launched the fruity and charming “Hana. Self-slow sake”, which is bound to surprise everyone again and make everyone love it Friends of sake can have the opportunity to taste local wine with strong Taiwanese characteristics.
The mountain cherry yeast with Taiwanese local flavor, it is not the smell of mountain cherry that gives the “flower. Self-satisfaction”, but the aroma of melon and pear, accompanied by the milky background of cheese and yogurt. The wine is mellow and refreshing, with a balance of sweet and sour. You can feel the elegant aroma of cantaloupe and apple in the mouth, with a sweet and lingering aftertaste. In terms of drinking temperature, iced drinks or room temperature have different taste enjoyment. It is suitable for drinking alone or with a meal. In terms of meal suggestions, dishes such as sashimi, salt-grilled mackerel, and herb-grilled chicken can enhance the sweetness and aroma of “花。自慢清酒 ” wine, and increase the pleasure of drinking.

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